The Clerk-Treasurer is the key official in the Indiana Municipal Government.

The Clerk-Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer for the municipal government. This person is responsible for the overall collection and disbursement of funds, and the administration of the accounting system. The Clerk-Treasurer may be called upon to break tie votes at Town Council Meetings.

Our Bookkeeping Staff processes all of our Monthly Vendor Checks and does payroll for the Town Employees.

Most meeting notices and agendas are provided from the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office, along with the documentation of our Town Council Minutes. All Ordinances and Resolutions are on file in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

We are here to assist the public in obtaining public information documents or other information pertinent to the Town of Bargersville. To search the Town Code, click here. To view public documents such as agendas, minutes, ordinances, and resolutions, click here.