Disconnected Service

RECONNECTION OF DISCONNECTED ELECTRIC SERVICE DUE TO NON-PAYMENTBefore utility service is disconnected, a past due notice with the date on which disconnection will occur and amount of reconnection fee shall be mailed to the customer. The failure to receive a bill does not exempt the customer from monthly payment, late charges, or disconnection. If the past due bill is not in the utility office the day stated on the disconnection notice, the utility service will be disconnected.

Reconnection will only be done during office hours. There will be no after hours reconnection. There will be no reconnection until the past due utility bill and the administration fee is paid in full in advance.
RECONNECTION AFTER A BAD CHECKIf you have been disconnected from service due to non-payment or after writing a bad check, please call 422-5115 to speak with someone in the customer service department to arrange an alternate payment and to reestablish service.