Lead Service Line Replacement Program

The Town of Bargersville Water Utility is committed to providing safe and reliable drinking water to all our customers. This commitment includes protecting our water supply from harmful contaminants such as lead, which can enter drinking water from lead-contaminated plumbing materials. To maintain our commitment to safety, the Town of Bargersville recently applied for and received a $150,000 grant from the Indiana Finance Authority to continue our Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLRP). The goal of this program is to identify and replace customer-owned service lines that may contain lead within our service area. 

Last year, a $25,000 grant was used to make an initial assessment of the town’s customer-owned service line records for homes built before 1987. The initial assessment identified unknown service line materials for more than 6,700 households and no lead service lines were found. This new grant enables Bargersville to assess the remaining 3,468 households in our service area and will support replacement of lead service lines that may be identified. 

Is my drinking water safe?
Yes. Your drinking water is safe! The Town of Bargersville routinely monitors for substances in your drinking water and publishes an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report to keep you informed. Bargersville does not own any lead service lines and no customer-owned lead service lines were identified in our initial assessment. To learn more about Bargersville’s water quality, view the 2024 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (updated July 2024)
EPA Lead Service Line Infographic
What is a lead service line?
A lead service line is a water service line made of lead that connects the water main to a building inlet, or any lead pigtail, gooseneck or other fitting that is connected to a lead line. A portion of each home’s water service line is owned by the water utility, while the other portion is owned by the customer.  

The EPA infographic (right) explains basic information about sources of lead in drinking water, suggestions for reducing exposure and information about replacing lead service lines. (EPA, 2024, https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/infographic-lead-drinking-water)

How do I know if my service line contains lead?
The EPA’s Protect Your Tap guide will help you determine if you have a lead service line bringing water into your home. It uses pictures and step-by-step directions to identify lead service lines and resources to learn more. (EPA, 2024) 

What should I do if my water service line contains lead?
Please contact us using our Lead Service Line form.

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