Sanitary Sewer

The sanitation division of the utility company currently serves 3,741 customers in the Bargersville and surrounding area of Johnson County, Indiana. The current design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is 2.0 MGD, with an average daily flow of 0.8 MGD, and new customer availability of 1.0 MGD.

Please reference the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan for additional information.

Sanitary Sewer Utility Map
KEY INFORMATIONIf you need to do any digging on your property, remember to “Call Before You Dig, It’s the Law“. Dial “811” or to get more information please visit

Review fees and recording fees have been adopted for the sanitary sewer utility, click on the following link to view Bargersville Ordinance 2022-14, An Ordinance Adjusting Sewer Rates and Charges for the Use of Services Rendered by the Municipal Sewer Utility of the Town of Bargersville, Indiana.
SANITARY SEWER RATESOrdinance 2016-18: Sewer Use Regulations, Rates and Charges, Fees, and Other Matters

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