Department of Development

The Department of Development is responsible for current planning, long term planning, zoning compliance, and related administrative duties. The main function of the department is to promote a higher quality of development, to maintain and protect the property values, and to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community. These functions are steered by the Comprehensive Plan, the Unified Development Code, and the Official Zoning Map, respectively.

  • The Comprehensive Plan is a general guide on how the community plans to move forward in the future. It sets out specific goals and objectives as it relates to land use, roads, parks, infrastructure, and community services.
  • The Unified Development Code contains ordinances adopted by the Town Council used to achieve the goals and objectives that are outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. This creates standards for development, which includes but not limited to, items such as lot sizes, building bulk, height and density requirements, setback standards, and sign standards. It also provides standards for the subdivision of property, identifies the lot, block and street standards as well as the drainage and utility easement requirements for the property or particular parcel accessibility.
  • The Official Zoning Map identifies zoning classifications that have been located on a specific piece of property. These zoning districts are classified into categories of residential, commercial, industrial, downtown, and mixed-use zoning.
The Department of Development maintains and informs the Advisory Plan Commission (PC), the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), the Redevelopment Commission (RDC), Parks Board, and the Town Council. The department’s planning staff also works closely with the Bargersville Utilities as well as other outside agencies providing building inspection services for new and remodeled buildings.

The Rules of Procedure for the PC and BZA can be found by clicking on either name, respectively.

Visit the Citizen Self Service portal to monitor the status of your permit or view documents on the Plan Commission or BZA agendas.

Please review the Department of Development’s informational handout on the types of petitions heard by the PC and BZA, respectively.


Following you will find specific information on Bargersville zoning ordinances and the current comprehensive plan. You can access the information by clicking on the links below. Other planning- and zoning-related ordinances can be found in the Bargersville Code of Ordinances.
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  • 2022 Unified Development Code
    document seq 0.00
    effective August 6, 2022
  • Bargersville VISION 2040 Comprehensive Plan
    document seq 0.00
    Visit for the associated project website.


  • 1998 Subdivision Control Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. 1998-3
  • 2013 Comprehensive Plan
    document seq 0.00
  • 2015 Subdivision Control Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. 2015-25
  • 2015 Zoning Ordinance, amended 2020
    document seq 0.00



  • Ordinance 2018-04: Amend Section 15-3 of the Zoning Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. 2015-10


  • Ordinance 2010-12: Amend Section IV of the Zoning Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
  • Ordinance 2009-17: Amend Sections II and V of the Zoning Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. No. 2003-7 Southwest Annexation Lifestyle Ordinance
  • Ordinance 2008-4: Amend Sections II, V, and VI of the Zoning Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. No. 2003-7
  • Ordinance 2005-5: Amend Sections II, III and V of the Zoning Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. No. 2003-7
  • Ordinance 2004-7: Amend Sections IV and V of the Zoning Ordinance
    document seq 0.00
    Ord. No. 2003-7